Что мы делаем?

Мы делаем людей Сильнее, Спокойнее, Совестливее

т.е. Лучше


Мы даем Навыки.

Свою Жизнь наполните

смыслом сами.

наука о простом

Простые способы.

Простые действия.

Непростые результаты.

Не бійся нічого

Не бійся нічого,

Що можеш побачити.

Та й чого не можеш.

Где использовать?

- межличностное общение

- работа

- спорт

- любые виды обучения

Characterstvo - Characterniks knowledges

Characterstvo - Characterniks knowledges

Spas is everything that saves you from this cursed life.

The need for esoteric knowledge, formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, created a vacuum that was instantly filled with many mystical theories, philosophies, schools, ashrams and sects which were alien to us. Wishing for prospects of walking on coals, sleeping on nails, oriental iron shirts, Samadhi and Nirvana, we have forgotten many things that we have to remember now . About our native Ukrainian seas, rivers, lakes, prairies and forests. We need to remember the Carpathian Mountains, the Stone Grave, the Bald Mountains, the Spasky Hill, the Stone Woman, the Serpent Walls, about the powerful, colossal layer of our culture and nature, where every blade of grass, tree and lake has a power much greater than all the eastern tinsel . We just need to remember them.

It has long been known that the Ukrainian people, like any other ones in the world, has its own esoteric knowledge and traditions. This was most clearly expressed in the image of “Characterstvo” - old Cossack knowledge and the legendary Cossack warriors, sorcerers, healers - people of knowledge.

The knowledge and skills of the Characternik Cossacks consist a complex system of representations about the physiological, mental and bioenergetic structure of human, about different ways of restoring these body systems in any case of disorders, about nature and our relationships with it, about a human place in these relationships and about ways and methods of achieving altered states of consciousness in applied purposes - for effective self-treatment, influence, combat actions and just for usual life. And the last one was more important one than anything else.

Lots of information on this theme reaches our ears and eyes from various legends, myths and fairytales, including as old and folk ones so as new ones, connected with a rising wave of interest about this topic. On this site, I would like to talk a little bit about practical psycho-technics that came to our times and to me personally from the past .

The very pragmatic, result-oriented approach of the Characterniks knowledges in the circumstances where the fruits of learning must be applied to daily business, combat, and survival cases is well suited to our modern life.

This science is called Spas, the Cossack’s Spas - the legacy of our ancestry.

Spas knowledge is when grandma or grandpa says, do it this way and you could save time, power and keep calm state So then in your turn, you say the same things, adjusted for today’s life, to your own children, grandchildren and other people around you.

Translated by: Teodor Severyn
Artist: Teodor Severyn

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